What is a word for someone who loves to experience?

What is a word for someone who loves to experience? A philomath is someone who loves to learn. Wanderlust describes a strong desire to travel. In that vein, is there a word for someone who seeks to experience things: boat rides, a circus performance, ice cream cones at the beach, attending a concert. In this context, a gift of experience would be preferred to an object or possession – for example, tickets to a baseball game rather than a baseball jersey.


Perhaps you are looking for “novelty seeker”? In the psychological sense, the meaning might be a bit strong, but, generally, someone who enjoys having new/different/a range of experiences could be said to seek novelty. I certainly use the term of myself. “Thrill seeker”, of course, would work if the types of experiences are adrenaline inducing.

And I just found this:

Definition of NEOPHILIA: love of or enthusiasm for what is new or

So “neophile” would also work.

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