What is an informal term for a person who can’t do anything right?

In Russian we have the term "рукожоп". I would translate it as "asshands" which literally means that your hands grow out of your behind and you can’t do anything right (or do anything at all).


Dad: "Hey son, can you hang up this picture on the wall?"

Son: "No dad, my hands grow out of my behind, I’ll probably end up hanging it upside down" (Or "I am a _____" – i.e. the term I’m looking for.)

Is there anything similar in English? Is the term "screw up" the one? Or are there any other ones? I want slang specifically, preferably American.


“All thumbs”, according to Wiktionary “clumsy, awkward, not dextrous.”

“Klutz”, according to Wiktionary “a clumsy or stupid person.”

Source : Link , Question Author : pavel_orekhov , Answer Author : Al Maki

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