What is it called when a prefix moved back for alphabetic sorting purposes?

I have seen this many times, but I am not sure what to call this. For example, the People’s Republic of China is often written as China, People’s Republic of.

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According to the Chicago Manual of Style (CMoS), it’s called an inversion.

16.9: Main headings for index entries

A noun phrase is sometimes inverted to allow the keyword—the word a reader is most likely to look under—to appear first.

agricultural collectivization, 143–46, 198
Aron, Raymond, 312–14
Bloomsbury group, 269
Brest-Litovsk, Treaty of, 61, 76, 85
Cold War, 396–437
Communist Party (American), 425
Communist Party (British), 268
imperialism, American, 393, 403
police, Soviet secret. See Soviet secret police
war communism, 90, 95, 125
World War I, 34–61
Yalta conference, 348, 398

In CMoS’s own index, the above section appears as follows:

index entries

       main headings: alphabetizing, 16.56 … inversion in, 16.9, 16.56, 16.94; …

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