What is the act of the realizing you’ve made a stupid statement and thus proceeding to make another stupid statement?

I’ve looked for some references on various sites, and the closest but still incorrect source I’ve gotten is tautology; the act of rewording something, but still intending the same meaning. But the fault with this is the fact that there is no rewording; an example is something like:

  • Person A: “You know that computers work on will & power?”

  • Person B: “Pardon me? You notice that … ” – Person B proceeds to annihilate Person A with sources & facts.

  • Person A: “Also English was a derivative of the Assembly language.”

  • Person A: ” –and processors are cheese!”

Kind of a bad example- but what I’m trying to figure out is what is it called when (a) person/people are conversing and then one remarks something stupid, and thus to the realization of this; they make more stupid statements to sort of demean or bring the fact that the prior statement was probably just a sarcastic joke or some sort of misunderstood humor.


One term for it is digging yourself into a hole, the meaning being that you are already in a hole and you are just making it deeper by carrying on digging.

dig yourself into a hole (informal) also dig a hole for yourself

to get yourself into a difficult situation:

The party has really dug itself into a hole with its economic policies.

Cambridge Dictionary

People who realise what you are doing will sometimes mimic a digging action to make fun of you.

Source : Link , Question Author : Omniscient Phynial Sniper , Answer Author : Mick

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