What is the adjective/verb describing someone who is repeatedly explaining itself in an argument when rest of the people already got the point

I don’t remember if it is adjective describing a person or action, but I had come across an adjective describing someone who is constantly reapiting itself when trying expalining something. It occures often in heated argument.

It might have been a verb actually. It describes someone or something when one person is in argument and start explaining itself over and over again, when rest on the involved people already got the point.


I can think of one adjective: to be over-apologetic. And I do not mean it in the sense of a psychological disorder, but simply in the sense of overdoing it in a particular situation.

But I might be cheating, it may be counted as 2 words.

As for verbs I am thinking of

going on and on about something: babble, overemphasise, mumble on, harp on, insist or persist

I particularly like exasperate, but it maybe only a connotation of what you are looking for.

Source : Link , Question Author : Nsion , Answer Author : fev

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