What is the antonym of the verb “equip”?

I know some words like unclothe and disrobe but these verbs refer to taking clothes off, I’m looking for a more accurate verb antonym of the verb equip, meaning taking weapons off.

More Context

In a video game, imagine you equip your agent with firearms and send him/her for a duel, after fight finished, her/his weapon may run out of bullets and will be automatically ______.
I need to inform the gamer that his/her agent is ______ and needs to be equipped again before any other gamer attacks you.


Video games usually say unequip.

unequip (v) – 1. To remove equipment. 2. (video games) In role-playing video games, to deactivate an item being carried by a player.

Source : Link , Question Author : Reyraa , Answer Author : SomethingDark

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