What is the difference between a scenario and situation?

Based on a survey done globally I have been tasked with writing a help guide to cover scenarios and situations – for a cloud app I created. But I don’t understand what the difference is between a scenario and situation. I feel like they are all scenarios but when on global calls the pair keeps coming up. Is there any difference in this context?


In my experience, “scenario” is used in a written guide as in this example:

“In this scenario, the user is trying to create a new record for a client who is already in the database under a misspelled name. How could this user avoid adding the second record?”

A “situation” is more fact-based on a real series of events leading to the event that needs to be resolved. I generally would not use “situation” in a written guide because (IMO) it is supposed to be representative of a set of facts used to train or guide a group of people, not provide anecdotal examples…

…unless I wanted to intersperse real-life examples and then I would use “situation”. For example:

“A recent real-life example of this issue was reported by our help desk when a client couldn’t generate an XYZ Report after the upgrade. In that situation, Tech Support should suggest…”.

Source : Link , Question Author : RyeɃreḁd , Answer Author : Kristina Lopez

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