What is the difference between ‘decrease’ and ‘reduce’ in the context set out below?

While walking at a brisk pace with a friend, I said we should “reduce our pace”, but immediately corrected myself to “decrease our pace”. I then went back and forth, not being able to decide which one is correct. Could you guys please help me decide? Thank you!


As they are both synonyms of each other the difference in use can be very subtle.

“reduce our pace” can mean to walk slower but it can also mean to lessen the length of stride.

“decrease our pace” seems to refer more to how fast you are walking. It could also relate to stride but in this case suggests that fewer strides are taken, ergo walk slower.

My personal preference is to view Reduce as something that I do and Decrease as something that is done despite me.

I will reduce company costs by half.
Company costs will decrease by half.

Source : Link , Question Author : Mukund Thirumalai Srikanth , Answer Author : Andrew Leach

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