What is the difference between “foe” and “enemy”

I saw the word foe in a book and the word enemy in a comic-book.
Is there a difference between these two words?
Maybe foe is more similar that adversary, opponent, rival.


Dictionary says that foe = enemy. But then if I recall all the instances, ‘foe’ is the word used in journalism, news or more politically where ‘enemy’ would be considered rude or offensive. So, ‘foe’ is a polite way to say ‘enemy’!

Note that the dictionary mentions ‘foe’ as an old-fashioned or formal term.

The word ‘adversary’ does mean ‘enemy’ but it also means an opponent that does not necessarily be your enemy; so is with rival which also means someone who competes.

To conclude, use these words carefully. They are not always interchangeable.

Source : Link , Question Author : Felipe Viero Goulart , Answer Author : Maulik V

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