What is the difference between “Gas” / “Petrol” / “Benzine” / “Gasoline”

I get always confused with that. What am I suppose to use for what and where (US English / UK English?)


I need “gas / petrol / benzine / gasoline” for my car.


Gas is the US term for the fuel put in cars; the Brits call it petrol.

Gasoline is the full word that gas is shortened from, but no one is likely to say “I need to put some gasoline in my car” (though we would be likely to say “Your garage smells like gasoline!” in the US. When it’s being put into a car it’s gas; when it’s being discussed in any other way it’s most often gasoline).

I’ve never heard benzine used in reference to car fuel. In fact before looking it up just now, I’d only ever heard it in reference to its use in sodas! I don’t think anyone uses benzine to describe car fuel. Suffice it to say that if you use gas or petrol, depending on your location, you will be perfectly well understood.

Source : Link , Question Author : Stefan Weiss , Answer Author : WendiKidd

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