What is the difference between “get through” and “go through”?

Is there any difference between “go through a door” and “get through a door”?


Get through means “to suffer through.”
To get through something usually means in an emotional state, like to get through a divorce, or to get through something challenging, like a test.

She was so tired that it was difficult to get through the day.

Go through means “to pass through something.”
“Go through something” is the physical of “go through something,” and it is always in the present tense, like “go through a divorce” or “go through a tunnel.”

After you buy your token, put it in the slot and go through the turnstile. Go through the old city gates and you will see beautiful 15th century church.

So its always you go through a door, not get through a door.

Source : Link , Question Author : Kinzle B , Answer Author : GrIsHu

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