What is the difference between who closed the door and who did close the door?

I was teaching past simple and there is this exercise in which we have to conjugate verbs to the past form. I know that we add an auxiliary to make a question, but do we sometimes omit this auxiliary for one reason or another.

The question that made me wonder is with (who).

Who did close the door?


Who closed the door?


Bader EL-din,

From a usage (not a grammatical) standpoint, the form “Who closed the door?” is a simple question seeking information (the door is closed, and the speaker wonders who closed it). The form “Who did close the door?” would be used for emphasis, as in this scenario: Jimmy didn’t close the door. Alicia didn’t close the door. I didn’t close the door. Well, then, who did close the door?


Source : Link , Question Author : bader aldin allahham , Answer Author : LuneKeltkar

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