What is the different between “what” and “which”?

What is the difference between what and which?

For example, what is the difference between the following sentences?

What is correct?

Which is correct?


Which and what have different meanings. Which is used in questions to ask somebody to be exact about one or more people or things from a limited number.

For example, you ask What name do you prefer for your son? because there are many possible names to give to a baby.
Suppose that you’re instead talking to somebody who tells you that his wife prefers Michael, her mother prefers Andrew, and his mother likes Alberto. If you ask him Which name do you prefer? you are asking him the name he prefers from among those three; if you ask him What name do you prefer? you are asking him the name he prefers, including any other name that isn’t Michael, Andrew, or Alberto.

In your case, Which is correct? could be asked to a person who is talking about two or more options, for example You could do this or that. Your question is essentially asking Between this and that, what is correct?

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