What is the dish of meat or fish cooked in very little liquid like soy source until the meat/fish becomes sticky?

I want to cook this dish

-fish/ meat/ chicken/ beef etc was cut into pieces

-put the pieces into a pot

-pour just a little oil in the pot

-pour some Asian soy sauce or fish sauce in (I don’t pour water in)

-cook it slowly in low or medium temperature until the meat/fish/beef/chicken etc becomes sticky like this

This is a fish stew/soup/casserole …???

enter image description here


This is a meat stew/soup/casserole …???

enter image description here

I don’t know which word I should use!!

For example, a meat/fish/chicken… stew/soup/casserole…

or "braised meat/fish/chicken…"?

What do you say this dish in everyday English?


That looks like "teriyaki". The top certainly looks like a salmon teriyaki. The sauce is slightly sweet, and gets shiny when reduced.

Food names are very culturally specific and the names for specific dishes get borrowed from one language or another. This particular borrowing comes from Japanese, but you will find that "chow mein", "bhuna" "coq-au-vin" and "sauerkraut" are all English words (borrowed from around the world)

Source : Link , Question Author : Tom , Answer Author : James K

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