What is the early modern equivalent of ‘ I think ‘

Would the term ‘I think’ be used in this era?
I’m looking at translation for a piece of art,
I’m wanting to translate flippant/meaningless language from today (things people say drunk, tweets etc.) into early modern english- or the type of language used in shakespeare.
If anyone has any knowledge in this field I would greatly appreciate your help!!


For your purposes (a somewhat-serious but humorous “translation” of some modern text into Elizabethan English), you’ll want to emphasize the phrasing differences between the two forms.

So, for times when you need to translate “I think”, you would use the well-understood but archaic word methinks, and for times when you need to translate the third person (e.g. “Vince thinks”), you would use the archaic phrase “doth think“, which while uncommon in Shakespeare does indeed appear.

Zounds! Vince doth think that my loins burn!

Source : Link , Question Author : Lucy Wilkinson , Answer Author : Mark Thompson

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