What is the Grammatical reason of using linking verb + past participle in a sentence?

I found this sentence in a blog post and the poster has used a linking verb followed by a past participle verb form in a sentence, which gives me a bit of confusing. Here is the sentence below:

In hospital, she felt stripped of all her dignity.

The part I don’t understand here is the usage of the past participle verb after the verb ‘felt’. For me this sentence as like a passive form, which may be like “In hospital, she was stripped (by someone)…”.

Can anyone do me the grammatical explanation of this, please?


"Stripped" is not a verb in your example; it’s an adjective functioning as a subjective predicative complement. "Stripped of all her dignity" is an adjective phrase with "stripped" as head and the past participle, "of all her dignity" as its complement. – BillJ

Source : Link , Question Author : Yasmika Saubhagya , Answer Author : marcellothearcane

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