What is “the hottest seat/seed in town”?

What is “the hottest seat/seed in town”? I am not sure if it’s a seed or seat or something else. I heard it a few times on “CNN” when a new upcoming “Larry King Live” program was being advertised. Also what does it mean “in town” here? It seems that it has nothing to do with a physical human settlement on some territory, but rather with some sphere or even some time period, I am not sure.


It’s a play on words.

  • The “hottest seat in town” can refer to a popular/hard-to-get ticket to an event such as a play or game (similar to “it’s a hot ticket”).

  • “Being in the hot seat” means

    a high-pressure situation in which a great deal of attention and scrutiny is focused on a person or organization
    per Wikipedia

So, the “hottest seat in town” is a popular place to be, but also a place where you’re under scrutiny and being asked questions you must answer.

Source : Link , Question Author : brilliant , Answer Author : Dori

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