What is the meaning of “atleast” and is it different from “at least”? [closed]

I don’t think atleast is an actual word, but I’ve found many instances of its usage. A simple google search for atleast reveal 13,100,000 hits.

What is the meaning of atleast and is it different from at least?


It is incorrect to write ‘at least’ as one word.

(You have to be careful using Google to justify things: (1) people make mistakes, and (2) sometimes Google tries to be smarter than you, e.g. it will actually search for the corrected version, not the misspelling you entered. The latter doesn’t seem to be the case here, it’s just something to keep in mind.)

[I just did my own Google query, and of the top results for “atleast”, three are this same question asked on various forums, and one is the title of a page, formatted with “at” much smaller than “least” – so visually it’s two words, despite appearing as a single word to a search spider.]

Source : Link , Question Author : Anderson Silva , Answer Author : Steve Melnikoff

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