What is the meaning of “whin”?

I am reading the book “1100 words you need to know” and I face with a strange sentence:

“A little drummer boy grinned in me face whin I had admonished him wid the buckle av my belt for riotin’ all over the place.”

Also, I have another problem with some words such as “wid” and “av” in this sentence. I find a little description for wid in this link that explains wid is dialectal variant of “WITH”. It is possible that “whin” and “av” be dialectal variant of “WHEN” and “OF”, respectively?


I think the context is to be spoken/read with an accent. Where the grammatically correct sentence as far as American english would be:

A little drummer boy grinned in my face when I had admonished him
with the buckle of my belt for riotin’ all over the place

So I would say yes you are correct in thinking they are dialectal variants of those words.

Source : Link , Question Author : mohammad , Answer Author : Nate W

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