What is the opposite of genderless – genderful?

There is the word “genderless” (http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/genderless), however there is no such word as “genderful”, so what word should I use instead?


It depends on the exact context, but often just gender would work…

1: If one wished to apply adelphoi specifically to one gender or the other, one had to couple it with a gender noun.

In other contexts (or simply through stylistic preference) you could use gendered

2: The relationship between a gendered division of work and a gendered division of dominance was a crucial issue.

But probably the most “general-purpose” form is gender-based

3: Similarly, a gender-based analysis that considers sexual orientation would be essential to understanding the often troubled political and social relationships between lesbians and gay men.

A few people have used genderised, but I wouldn’t recommend that one at the moment. Though I can imagine it becoming more useful in future, if and when biotechnology advances to the point where we routinely force a “non-sex-differentiated cell” to definitely become one sex or the other.

Source : Link , Question Author : Trident D’Gao , Answer Author : FumbleFingers

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