What is the origin of “blink” meaning short-range teleporation?

In many games and even 1998’s Charmed, a blink ability is the ability to instantly teleport several feet in front of you. Where did this term come from? Why is it “blink”?


I don’t know if this is the earliest example but Advanced Dungeons and Dragons (Players Handbook, 1978) has the Blink spell, a 2’ teleportation spell described as:

By means of this spell, the magic-user causes his or her material form to “blink” out and back to this plane once again in random period and direction during the duration of each minute the spell is in effect.

Additionally, “Blink dogs” are described in the 1975 Greyhawk Supplement as having “limited teleportation”.

Source : Link , Question Author : Jeremy , Answer Author : Laurel

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