What is the origin of British/Irish cinema names?

British and Irish cinema names from a certain period seem to come from a pool that includes The Odeon, The Curzon, The Savoy, The Adelphi (maybe you can think of more). Where did these names come from? Are they prevalent in any other English speaking countries?



The Savoy cinema opened in 1920 in Bradford/UK.

The Savoy Theatre opened in 1881 in London on the site of the old Savoy Palace.

The Savoy Palace was built on the land granted to Peter II, the Count of Savoy in 1246.

I’d say that the cinema name was derived as follows:

Count of Savoy > Savoy Palace > Savoy Theatre > Savoy Cinema



Apparently, it’s just a family name. Note that this was not the original name of the cinema. The original name was “Picture House”.

In 1945 the cinema (previously known
as “the Picture House”) was sold and
changed its name to the “Maxime”.[2]
Another change of ownership in 1953
brought its current name.


Note: Odeon and Adelphi are already on FordBuchanan’s interesting answer.

Source : Link , Question Author : cindi , Answer Author : b.roth

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