What is the place in the office people grab coffee and snack?

It is not necessarily a room but can be small area in the office, has a coffee maker, fridge, microwave, sink and cabinets holding seasoning, paper towels and utensils. Sometimes there is a vender machine too.

is it a pantry?


There is no single term; depending on the organization, the facility, and the primary use, that area may be the

  • break room (US) or restroom (UK) – a place, as you note, where one might go for a coffee break (and in olden days, perhaps a smoke break)
  • lunchroom – a break room with sufficient tables/counters and seating for people to eat lunch in, but can also refer to any place people take lunch, which might be a cafeteria or dining room (see below)
  • pantry – sometimes synonymous with the above, especially if on the smaller end of room sizes. But pantry has many different uses, and is more generally a storage area for dry goods attached to a kitchen or dining area (ranging in size from a particular cabinet to a walk-in closet).
  • canteen or mess – probably adopted from the military terms for a small facility with food or drink for sale, or a recreational area where food is served
  • lounge or staff room – a room reserved for employees to socialize, eat, or relax, especially if non-staff are present in the facility (e.g. retail store, school)

Some people may lazily call it a kitchen; however, as a kitchen is a room for preparing meals, having a “full kitchen” implies cooking equipment like an oven, range, or deep fryer, and not just a toaster or microwave oven. Conversely, if the area is used primarily for serving meals, it may be a refectory or dining room, or a cafeteria or commissary if the food is ordered a la carte from a counter.

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