What is the plural form of musical score?

The title of a Spotify playlist from Disney is “Disney Score To Study To”. The name surprised me because I would have thought it would be titled “Disney Scores To Study To”. Seeing as this is an official playlist from Disney, I would like to think they thought about the grammar.

This is a link to the playlist for reference:


The plural of score is scores.

The question is, should this score have been plural.


6 a : the copy of a musical composition in written or printed notation

b : a musical composition
specifically : the music for a movie or theatrical production

It seems that whoever titled that playlist intended the phrase to mean this collection of songs is the score for your study session (as if your study session were a film).

In any case, scores would be incorrect. One single (film) score is made up of multiple tracks. Each track is not a score, so that playlist does not include multiple scores (it may contain pieces from multiple scores).

Source : Link , Question Author : Kyle Hayes , Answer Author : Juhasz

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