What is the word for individuals who unwittingly post very similar questions asking for the same words, without doing any previous research?

Many newcomers on EL&U post very similar single-word-requests, all asking for more or less the same words. The two main categories appear to be asking about verbosity and thriftiness.

What is the word for:

Users who don’t do any previous research and unwittingly post similar questions on Q&A websites that have been asked in the past; but receive the same single-word answers?

I Googled: users “ask the same type of questions” on Q&A websites that produce the same answers, but the hits were unhelpful.

A sample sentence:

Oh, here’s another ________

This may seem like a facetious single-word-request, but I really want to know if such a word exists. Failing that, an idiom or pithy expression that can substitute my description will do very nicely. I would use this word or concise phrase whenever the topic of single-word-requests crops up on EL&U meta.


There seems to be a slight confusion as to whom or what I am referring. So one last clarification. I am looking for a word, or short phrase, or idiom that means:

Different users who unwittingly ask new questions that are similar to ones that have been asked in the past, and whose answers are nearly always the same.

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Word for someone who wants to find a single word to describe a relatively obscure concept, and posts such questions on internet boards?



This is both an adjective and noun, and relates to Lepidoptera:

An order of insects that comprises the butterflies and moths. They
have four large scale-covered wings that bear distinctive markings,
and larvae that are caterpillars.

Butterflies flit (in an apparently unwitting way) from plant to plant to feed on nectar or deposit eggs, while moths typically are attracted to bright lights at night. Neither butterflies nor moths do any research.

A Google Books search reveals that the term lepidopteran has only ever been used in a scientific context. For example, page 134 of Insect Pest Management notes that:

There are no recorded examples of vertical resistance to Lepidopteran
pests which have a strong flight capability…

The metaphoric use of the term to describe people who post very similar questions asking for the same words without doing any previous research has no precedent. It would be used in a sentence thus:

Oh no, here’s another lepidopteran post.

Source : Link , Question Author : Mari-Lou A , Answer Author : Chappo Hasn’t Forgotten Monica

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