what is the word for the “thank you” section of a document called?

So in a typical letter document that may span multiple pages

At the end of the content, there is paragraph for “thank you” or “signing off”

This paragraph/section only appear once, at the end of the content

however it is NOT a “footer” that appears on every page (as in MS Word treats footer to appear on every page)

i have been resorting to calling it “pre-footer” but wonder if there is a proper term for it

i am just trying to create a letter template, and there is a section for signing-off/thank you which i am trying to appropriately name the section


I don’t know how common it is, but (at least) according to the balance careers, the word you’re looking for is closing:

Their Sample Letter Format consists of these sections:

  • Contact Information (Sender)
  • Date
  • Contact Information (Recipient)
  • Greeting
  • Body of Letter
  • Closing
  • Signature

The article Formal Letter Closing Examples also uses the term Complimentary Close.

Source : Link , Question Author : istaris – j , Answer Author : Jens Bannmann

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