What is this grammatical form called and how should punctuation be used

I am trying to find the correct punctuation for the following sentence:

It allows connection to, and customisation of, functions available in the program.

  1. Does such construction, with two direct objects, one sort of clarifying the other one, have a name? I was trying to use Google to answer my second question, but failed to explain to it what I mean.

  2. What is the correct punctuation to use here? A colleague of mine suggested moving the second comma ahead to before “of”. I am in doubt.


  • 1) The phrase or information can be called several things: parenthetical, nonessential, non-restrictive, or an aside.

  • 2a) You want to use either two commas or none; which of these depends on if you view and customization of to be an essential part of the sentence or a useful, but ultimately unnecessary, addition.

  • 2b) Moving the location of the comma would result in something ungrammatical if you were to remove the nonessential information:

    It allows connection to [, and customization,] of functions available in the program.

Source : Link , Question Author : texnic , Answer Author : Jason Bassford

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