What is wrong with the word “performant”?

I keep getting the red underlining in Word whenever I write the word “performant“. Here I intend to refer to something that performs well or better than something else (i.e., it’s more performant).

Is there something wrong with that word? Does it mean what I actually want it to say?


Whether or not “performant” is actually a real word has been debated for some time.

It does not appear in the dictionary, nor does Google definitions include it.

While it has been used before and appears in wiktionary, I would tend to avoid using it until the word becomes, well…a word.

Is there any reason you could not use one of the following instead?

Example A performed better than Example B.


Example A outperformed Example B.

Jon Galloway’s blog article Performant isn’t a word is an example of someone who used “performant” extensively only to be told it was not a word. While the research he did on the subject was conducted in 2007, it certainly seems to remain valid today.

Source : Link , Question Author : alf , Answer Author : RGW1976

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