What other alliterative phrases have become inseparable? [closed]

Just asking out of idle curiousity. There are some words that just always seem to be found together, such as

strong, silent type

cool, calm and collected

cheap and cheerful

Can you think of others? Does their alliterativeness doom them to the status of cliché?

Unrelated: How is it possible that ‘cliché’ and ‘alliteration’ do not yet exist as tags on the site? (As a new user I can’t create tags.)


  • alas and alack
  • bear the brunt
  • born and bred
  • with courage and conviction
  • fit as a fiddle
  • hearth and home
  • kit and kaboodle
  • life and limb
  • now or never
  • spick and span
  • vim and vigor
  • zig and zag

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Joshua Karstendick

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