What roots does the word ‘paradice’ have, and why has it been changed to ‘paradise’ and since when?

  • What roots does the word paradice have?
  • Why has it been changed to paradise and since when?
  • Are there any other English words that had such a transformation?


Paradise was sometimes spelled with a C in Middle English, though it usually was spelled with S:

I wold not be in a folis paradyce. (Paston, 1462)

The S spelling was favored probably because of the etymology: both of its predecessors, Old French paradis and Latin paradīsus, are spelled with an S.

The time frame makes the reasoning behind the spelling pretty simple: spelling in Middle English wasn’t standardized, and the letters S and C both represent the same sound and were interchanged in many Middle English words. (It’s easy to find examples.) Looking at another word, spice, what is a C in Modern English could be a C, S, or even SC in the word in Middle English.

(Spice is also a word showing that the letters weren’t completely interchangeable. Cp– was not a valid onset spelling even in Middle English so you don’t find it ever spelled cpice or similar.)

Source : Link , Question Author : Erdinc Ay , Answer Author : Laurel

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