What should I use between “triple” vs. “all”?

If I have 2 pens and I want to say all of them are green, I can say “Both of them are green” but if I have 3 pens should I use “Triple of them are green” or “All of them are green”?


You could go with any of the following:

All 3 of my pens are green,

All (of) my 3 pens are green,

My 3 pens are all green,

The word triple as an adjective means:

  1. Three times bigger in size or amount
  2. Having three parts or including three people or things, for example:

    a triple murder

    a triple heart bypass

When used as a verb, it means:

  1. To cause (something) to become three times as great or as many
  2. To become three times as great or as many

In mathematics:

to triple the number 4 is equivalent to multiplying 4 by 3,

written numerically as: (4 + 4 + 4) or (4 x 3) = 12

Source: M-W

Hope that helps.

Source : Link , Question Author : Anonymous , Answer Author : Julie Carter

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