What should I write instead of “whom he or she wants to participate”?

I have a project and documentation for it.

My command writes “[…] whom he or she wants to participate […].”

Is it correct to write he or she, or should I write another word, such as user, person, or human?

Is there any difference between American English and other English dialects?


You don’t show the rest of the sentence, so I cannot say if it should be who or whom, but you don’t need to write he or she. Just write “who[m]ever wants to participate.”

Whomever is used as object of a verb or preposition; whoever is used as subject of the sentence.

He was free to marry whomever he chose.

Whoever says that is a liar.

In your case, it could be, for example:

Whoever wants to participate is free to do it.

We welcome whomever wants to participate.

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