What to call a library of shared libraries in programming

There are (for example) three dynamic libraries that is files libxx.so, libyy.so, and libzz.so (or .dll files xx.dll, yy.dll, and zz.dll on Windows).

What do you call the collection of all three files (as well the entire source code from which the three files are generated)? It is commonly called library, but to say “the library consisting of three libraries” is so to say inconvenient.

Also note that every library may consist of several modules.


Depending on their relationship with one another and their completeness-of-purpose, you may be able to use the word framework.

framework noun
frame·​work | \ˈfrām-ˌwərk \
Definition of framework
1a : a basic conceptional structure (as of ideas)
the framework of the U.S. Constitution
These influences threaten the very framework of our society.
b : a skeletal, openwork, or structural frame
An iron framework surrounds the sculpture.
3 : the larger branches of a tree that determine its shape

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