What type of word is SeQueL called, when you pronounce the abbreviation SQL as “SeQueL”

In database technology there is a standard called “Structured Query Language”, which is abbreviated as SQL. However, some people pronounce SQL as “SeQueL”.

If SQL is an “abbreviation” or “acronym” – what could “SeQueL” be called. Ie. what is a word called that is an invented way to pronounce an abbreviation?


It’s called a phoneticized acronym. Here’s an example:

Universally referred to by its phoneticized acronym; for most insiders, [FYDP] comes out sounding something like “fiddup”; the Air Force says it, “fie-dip”
Preparation of the program objectives memorandum: a selective examination of procedures in the Department of the Navy

Source : Link , Question Author : jdog , Answer Author : Laurel

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