What would be the modern equivalent for “a curtain lecture”?

I chanced on this expression while reading a book by David Crystal. In a chapter dedicated to words that have disappeared from the English language, he mentions this gem in Samuel Johnson’s Dictionary:

A curtain-lecture was “a reproof given by a wife to her husband in bed”.

I had imagined the phrase referred to the drawing of the bedroom curtains at night. However, World Wide Words tells me that it derived from the four poster bed with its canopy and curtains.

Is there a more modern day <an ink illustration dated 1637 depicting a wife talking to her husband while they are in a four poster bed.> equivalent of this phrase?
Because speaking as a once married woman, I confess I used to choose bedtime to have these “in-depth discussions” with my ex (and even today with my current boyfriend).

Failing that, I’d also appreciate any amusing and witty neologisms. Thanks very!

Image: A Curtaine Lecture by Thomas Heywood. London, 1637. The text says the following

When wives preach, tis not in the Husbands power to have their lectures end within an hower. If Hee with patience stay till shee have donn. Shee’l not conclude till twyce the glass Hee runn.


While it isn’t usually restricted to reproofs, Pillow Talk is a more current term for discussions in bed between a husband and wife.

Source : Link , Question Author : Mari-Lou A , Answer Author : Oldcat

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