What would you call a person who doesn’t know what they like or will do with their life?

What would you call a person who would always response with ‘I don’t know’ when thinking about their likes, favourite things, or their future (like plans for the next day or what they want their life to be like etc.)

I’m looking for a word describing a person who is and whose personality/ lifestyle is ‘undefined’.

My candidate (not quite): the word impersonal

(Merriam-Webster): not existing as a person : not having human qualities or characteristics

(Dictionary.com) having no personality; devoid of human character or traits:
an impersonal deity.

I’m not sure if it works here, as in a sentence

*He never knows what he wants/ needs, he feels like he has nothing going on,
he’s ________ [like a clean slate].
(=He would describe himself as impersonal*)’

I’d want that adjective to describe someone’s void/ emptiness =the lack of fundamental qualities that makes person a person (not the words for simply not being interesting or being lifeless like dull or lacklustre)


As suggested in comment by Dan Bron : aimless.

Lacking direction or aim; purposeless; desultory; (also) without the means of taking aim


Albert Einstein’s best ideas came when he was aimless. Yours can too


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