What’s a good word to describe a public place that looks like it wouldn’t be rough?

I’m looking for a word that I can use in my writings to describe a bar / pub that doesn’t look like it would be a ‘rough’ place, i.e. one that isn’t likely to instigate trouble. I was thinking of the word self-effacing but I think maybe that would be more descriptive of a person rather than a building. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Example usage would be:

“Maybe I’ll go in here. It seems _______ enough.”

Thank you!



Maybe I’ll go in here. It seems decent enough.

“It seems decent enough”–11,000 Google results referring to various places and things, tangible and intangible, with more than one applicable meaning (see link above to ODO).

Locally, a fairly decent place would be used to describe a place that is somewhat modest but appropriate, i.e., fairly clean, moral, safe, etc. (US, SE Region).

As an alternative–low-key–a more youthful, less judgmental word, I think.

Source : Link , Question Author : Michael Emerson , Answer Author : KannE

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