What’s a non pejorative way of saying that a woman is bigger? [duplicate]

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Euphemisms to replace “fat”

In French you could say that a woman is plus en chair, plus ronde, which are not necessarily pejorative.

How can I say the same thing in English?

Lindsay Lohan was cuter when she was […].


I’d probably opt for one of the following (and definitely not use the word large – I don’t know any women who’d take that as an unambiguous compliment):

She was cuter when she was curvier (or I liked her better when she had curves)

She was cuter when she had a fuller figure

She was cuter when she had a little meat on her bones (a bit old-fashioned)

Edit: Since people seem to be having difficulty imagining a fuller figure without conjuring up images of Godzilla, here’s a comparative photo of the actual person OP is referencing, before and after she lost weight. I don’t think anyone in their right mind would call the curvier Lohan fat.

enter image description here

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