What’s a word for a group of questions asked together?

Is there a word for a set of questions that are asked together and are related? For example, one asks the question:

Do you go rafting?

And follow up with:

If yes, where?
If no, what do you do instead?

I’d like a word that represents this collection of questions, some of which are meaningless outside of their grouping. Is there such a word?

I have a couple of ideas in mind (linked here so I can limit influencing your opinion).

I’m looking for something much smaller than an interview (which is a larger collection of loosely-related questions), and different from a page (which is a physical arrangement of questions).


A few options, some admittedly phrases and also various forms:

  • line of questioning
  • questions
  • questioning
  • questionnaire
  • a grilling
  • investigation
  • review
  • debriefing
  • interrogation
  • poll
  • survey

Source : Link , Question Author : Jason R. Coombs , Answer Author : MrHen

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