What’s the adjectival form of ‘deficit’?

Does deficit have an adjectival form? If my business loses a lot of money, can I say that I ‘got a deficit’, that my business is ‘in a deficit’, or that my business suffered ‘a deficit’?

Is there a common way to express the concept of deficit adjectivally?


If by deficit you mean your expenses are greater than your income (or your liabilities are growing faster than your assets), I would say your business is loss-making, unprofitable, or profitless (among adjectives).

If it continues to lose money, it will be ultimately be unsuccessful, because the success of a business is measured by its profits.

I do not believe deficit, at least in the financial sense, has a common adjective form. In speaking of government spending deficits, for example, we usually hear compounds such as deficit-related or deficit-oriented.

Source : Link , Question Author : Samuel , Answer Author : choster

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