What’s the Appropriate Word to Say You’re ‘Dazzled’ by a Nice Smell?

Imagine there’s food being cooked on stove and you feel the pleasant smell and it somehow makes you mad! You want to keep smelling or walk to the kitchen and get some of it to eat.

What verb would you use to explain the situation?

The only verb that comes to my mind is dazzle, but I check it in the dictionary (LDOCE-subscription only) and the second definition is:

to impress someone very much by being or doing something very exciting and unusual – used especially in news reports

The Princess’s off-the-shoulder dress dazzled the waiting crowds.

As a speaker he would dazzle listeners with his brilliant wordplay and witty remarks.

And that doesn’t seem to be right for this situation and we also know that the other meaning is when you’re dazzled by a light of some sort.

Checking the Thesaurus I notice the other verb to be knocked out, but again I don’t think it’s appropriate.

In Persian we have a general word for being drunk and we’d use it for pleasant smells as well, so what’s the smell equivalent of being dazzled or drunk in English?

To explain this a bit more, I’m looking for a word that would describe the images below:

enter image description here

nice scent


Intoxicate: to excite or please (someone) in a way that suggests the effect of alcohol or a drug.

I was intoxicated by the intoxicating aroma coming from the kitchen

Source : Link , Question Author : Neeku , Answer Author : Papa Poule

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