What’s the best way to solve this run on sentence (lots of “and”s)?

I have to change a description for something in our app, and I was given this sentence:

Create, edit and delete camera assignments and camera and DVR settings.

Now the lack of an Oxford comma is obviously going to need to be updated, but I’m having some trouble with the subject of the sentence. camera assignments is one subject, but camera and DVR settings seems to be another, compounded from camera settings and DVR settings.

So far my fix for it would be:

Create, edit, and delete camera assignments, camera settings, and DVR settings.

Is this sentence grammatically correct? It still seems like a repetitive mouthful. Could something be done with camera assignments and camera settings (both being a property of a camera) to compound this more neatly?


What you’ve written is correct. “Camera assignments, camera settings and DVR settings” are objects of “Create, edit and delete.”

You need the qualification on settings because you have both camera settings and DVR settings.

Source : Link , Question Author : joh04667 , Answer Author : swmcdonnell

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