What’s the difference

What’s the difference between, ‘Do you have the same thing in other colors?’ and ‘Do you have the same thing with other patterns?’ pleaasseee help me..


The prepositions can be pretty loose here. Color applies to an object and we describe the object as having a color or being of a color. The apple is red does not mean it is identical with a color but that its skin appears red.

Designed or built things are made in a color on purpose and this is then a feature or quality of the object. We could say I like the shirt in red but not in blue. Yet the shirt is not inside of the color red or blue. It is just of a red or blue color.

The term With is also a bit loose here. The shirt is not made With, alongside of, red or blue but just with, using, red or blue cloth.

The same applies to with other patterns. Think of Do you have this using, or consisting of, other patterns.

Source : Link , Question Author : user351973 , Answer Author : Elliot

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