What’s the difference between “Conference” and “Meeting”?

See:The meeting will be held in a conference room at 10:00 am.

Is there any problem if I change the position of these two words in the sentence like “The conference will be held in a meeting room at 10 am”?


Short answer: no conferences belong in conference rooms. Meetings you can potentially have anywhere.

conference from Latin conferre (bring together)

which is almost the same like meeting

Meeting is more of an encounter.

A conference (a bringing together) implies more effort. Usually a conference also takes longer than a (relatively quick) meeting.

So a meeting room might just be a simple room for a quick meeting. (all meeting rooms these days, at least at my workplace, seem to have conference capable phones in here anyway, so the distinction is blurry)

A conference room might be more sophisticated with video conferencing equipment or dedicated presentation facilities.

You can have a meeting in a conference room, as you can meet in any other room say the kitchen or bathroom.

You could also have a conference in the canteen, or the bathroom even though I don’t think that is considered best practice.

So having a conference in a meeting room might not make sense, since the meeting room might be to small and lack the proper equipment. Speaker facilities, video conferencing facilities.

Source : Link , Question Author : David Li , Answer Author : DisplayName

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