What’s the difference between “if any” and “if anything”

In any case, parents should make clear what, if anything/if any, the child is expected to pay (for something) with the pocket money.

In the sentence above, which is more acceptable? What is the difference between the two phrases?


“If anything” is more acceptable.

In the phrase “if any”, ‘any’ is a determiner.
Since the “what” is not established, “any” does not have an implied noun to go after it.

The sentence could be rewritten to more comfortably use “if any” in the following way:

In any case, parents should make clear what things, if [there are] any [things], the child is expected to pay for with the pocket money.

Another reason may have to do with the singular/plural difference.
“If any” is plural, like “if there are any [nouns]”.
“If anything” is singular: “if there is anything”

An example of using “What, if any” that doesn’t sound bad:

What, if any, are the effects of direct sunlight on human eyes?

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