what’s the meaning of “Am i on jerk’d?”” in this context- 7th episode of “Big Mouth” , an American adult animated sitcom

  • What the hell are you gonna jerk off to? – Nothing.
    I guess I’m not gonna jerk off.
    Yeah, you’re you’re not gonna jerk off.
    All right, where are the cameras? [CHUCKLES.]
    Am I on Jerk’d? [LAUGHS.]
  • Where’s Mark McGrath? – Hey, I’m serious.

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Strangely, I can’t find a good dictionary definition for “on” with the meaning “to be on a television program”.

All right, where are the cameras? Am I on Jerk’d?

The character is alluding to a TV show called “Jerk’d”, which probably doesn’t exist. This is most likely a reference to “Punk’d”, as userr2684291 says. It’s common for people who realise they’re on a hidden camera show to ask “Where is the camera? Is that a camera? Am I being filmed? Am I on TV-Show-X?”, etc.

See Hidden cameras in reality television.

Source : Link , Question Author : Ehsan Jahrooti , Answer Author : CJ Dennis

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