What’s the meaning of “I may have lost a little bit of this year” in this sentence?

Does it mean that I lost a part of my idealism this year, or it says without a vision, my idealism would has been less? which one?

I am really glad I wrote a vision because I think I would be a lot more negative right now if I hadn’t done that. My vision reminded me of why I am doing this, and what I am trying to accomplish. It’s kind of forced me to hold on to all that idealism that I may have lost a little bit of this year.”


Since the terms are all together in the last sentence and work there I don’t see them referring to others in the previous ones.

lost a little bit of this year

is modifying

all that idealism

If it helps, the vision can be thought of as a manifesto or a written plan. They are glad it is written down.

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