What’s the word for a multi-outlet extension cord?

Is there a term for an extension cord with multiple outlets on one end (other than something like “multi-outlet/n-outlet/n-way extension cord“)? Something like this. I’d almost call it a tiny power strip.

Example sentence: you call up a store and ask,

Do you have any _________?

Or more realistically,

Fun factoid: that kind of cord is called a _______.


There is probably no such single word.

It’s hard to prove a negative, but you’d think if such a word existed, then the industry would use it. But if you go on e.g. Amazon or NewEgg, all you see is descriptive names like

3-Outlet Extension Cord, 2 Prong Power Strip, Extra Long 8 Ft Cable with Flat Plug
1 Foot 3 Outlet Extension Cord/Wire, 3 Outlet Electrical Cord
3 Feet White 3-Outlet Designer Household Extension Cord

Source : Link , Question Author : Frungi , Answer Author : linguisticturn

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