When to use singular or plural when the phase is something with somethings?

Consider these examples:

bicycle with wheels
bicycles with wheels
burger with fries
burgers with fries
words with definitions
word with definitions
word with definition

Which ones of these are correct? I have seen the more common one is word with definitions. However, it sounds correct when using burgers with fries when you are buying 2 meals. Are there any general rules of thumb when using these clauses? Thanks in advance.


Using singular or plural nouns is purely based on whether you have one of something, or multiple of something.

If you have multiple burgers, say so. If you have a single burger, say so.

This even applies with proper names. You would say “Quarter Pounders with Cheese”, not “Quarter Pounder with Cheeses” or something like that.

Source : Link , Question Author : tipsywacky , Answer Author : Matthew Read

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