When to use who/that/which or an infinitive?

Consider the following sets:

It was the first movie to make me cry.

He was the first man to scale Mount Everest.

It was the first movie that made me cry.

He was the first man who scaled Mount Everest.

Are both sets grammatically correct? The latter sounds better to my ears, but I don’t understand the differences between them.


Using “Which” or “That :

There are two types of elements : Restrictive and Non Restrictive.

The word “that” is restrictive while “which” is non restrictive. Please refer this link for complete details : http://grammar.yourdictionary.com/grammar-rules-and-tips/when-to-use-which-or-that.html

Using an infinitive :

An infinitive is used to denote a specific purpose , as a subject , after adjective and more.

This link can explain the uses of infinitive in detail : http://www.edufind.com/english/grammar/infinitive_function.php

Source : Link , Question Author : David , Answer Author : Sweet72

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